Call for Papers

The 2nd ICSP’s Committee welcome the submission of papers from academicians, researchers, professionals, policymakers, practitioners, non-governmental organizations and international organization, postgraduate students etc. 

The paper submitted should have never been published or being submitted for publication anywhere else. After the selection process has finished, the papers accepted by the committee will be given a chance to be presented orally and will be published in the proceedings. The papers and presentation materials should be written in Standardized English.

The conference also aims to publish the papers presented in the conference through scientific reviews process. The 2nd ICSP conference and papers are being evaluated by IOP publishing conference series of proceedings to be indexed by Scopus. There will be review process to select qualified papers to be published in the proceeding, and potential papers may be asked to revise to satisfy the requirement. If then the paper is not qualified, committee will inform a rejection.

Criteria for accepted papers:

  1. The topic is included in the conference theme/sub-theme.
  2. It has:
  • Abstract (about 200 words)
  • Introduction to the formulated issue or problem or questions or hypothesis, and literature review
  • Method of the research
  • Main discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References (bibliography).
  1. The content refers to at least (minimum) 15 references, it is recommended to use journal articles (most recent, international journals, articles have DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
  2. Written in English (academic style and proofread by English editor, suggested using grammar English software).
  3. Written in the expected format (strict rule) (see the file of rule)
  4. About 5000 words (7-10) pages single spacing. Maximum is 10 pages including references.

Parallel Sessions

Scheduled for parallel sessions will be announced approaching the conference date in the main menu of agenda on website.

Download template full-paper click here.

The committee has the right to review and decide whether the full paper is accepted or rejected. 

Download example of full-paper click here.

This is an example of the full paper with the expected format. The purpose of this article is to give example of the formatting style, please ignore the content.